About Enfield Management

Our highly trained professional staff is certified in the management and complex compliance aspects of tax credit communities to ensure that owners and investors capture the greatest possible return from their assets. Additionally, our staff is experienced in the management of luxury condominium associations, student housing developments and market rate multifamily apartments.

We are dedicated to the proper maintenance and upkeep of the properties our clients have entrusted to us by employing skilled and diligent maintenance technicians that understand the value of these investments and the necessity of providing clean, attractive communities for our residents. This dedication and attention to maintenance results in lower operating expenses, increased life of the property, improved resident satisfaction and higher property values. We have a strong sense of community that is evident when visiting any of our properties and talking to our on-site staff. Our goal is to provide the residents with more than just a place to live but rather a community that they will want to call home.

Being a fair housing advocate, Enfield Management stresses continuing education for its employees to ensure compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Uniform Landlord Tenant Act where applicable. The firm and its staff are members of the Greater Nashville Apartment Association, the Tennessee Association of Affordable Housing and the Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association.

Harvey W. (Mac) McDonald

Mac McDonald began his career in real estate finance and development in 1975. After graduating Vanderbilt Law School and serving as Staff Assistant to former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn for four years, he was involved in the early stages of Municipal Financing of Affordable Housing. He was instrumental in crafting a tax-exempt revenue bond financing structure which combined GHA Mortgage Insurance and rent subsidies for the first AA and AAA rated affordable housing revenue bonds in America.

In addition, he acted as the first Bond trustee for the Tennessee Housing Development Agency, one of the early state housing finance agencies to use tax-exempt bonds for single and multi-family housing. He also acted as senior investment banker for a number of local city and county single family bond programs-all aimed at providing quality housing that served low and moderate income families.

Mr. McDonald has originated apartment loans for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA as well as providing debt financing through mortgage backed security structures. He has raised more than one billion dollars for affordable housing in his career.

He has developed raw land and invested in residential and commercial projects. Some of his notable achievements include land assemblage and early development on the eastern portion of Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee, the largest mixed-use commercial project in Tennessee, rehabilitating three historic buildings in Downtown Nashville, developing land for the largest Yellow Freight terminal in Tennessee near John Tune Airport and for a portion of Century City near the Nashville International Airport for the international headquarters of Willis-Coroon, a major insurance brokerage. In 1990, he led the efforts to create THE DISTRICT, a non-profit economic development initiative that was created pursuant to the federal Main Street USA program and served as Chair for the first five years. After the success of THE DISTRICT he served on the organizing committee to establish The Nashville Downtown Partnership, a special purpose quasi-governmental body of property owners in the downtown area who voted to assess themselves over existing property tax burdens to bring extraordinary services to the area. As a result Downtown Nashville is considered a model for preserving the character and vitality of central business districts in America. He has received numerous awards for his community services, including Volunteer of the Year by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. McDonald is a licensed real estate professional in Tennessee.